Glossary terms beginning with C


It is a slang term used for BPB/USD pair. It is also called sterling.


The Canadian dollar, also known as Loonie or Funds.

Candlestick chart

A chart that indicates the trading range for the day as well as the opening and closing price. If the open price is higher than the close price, the rectangle between the open and close price is shaded. If the close price is higher than the open price, that area of the chart is not shaded. 

Carry Currencies

Currencies, which have high interest rate.

Carry Trade

It is the cost of keeping a position open for an overnight. Each currency has its own interest rate, which is associated with it.

Cash market

The market in the actual underlying markets on which a derivatives contract is based. 

Cash on Deposit

Funds, which are deposited in a forex trading, account for the trading purposes.


A point at the end of an extreme trend when traders who are holding losing positions exit those positions. This usually signals that the expected reversal is just around the corner. 


An expert person who can predict the prices by analyzing and studying past price fluctuations as prerecorded on a given chart.


Short-lived price moves with limited follow-through that are not conducive to aggressive trading. 


The process of settling a trade

Closed Position

A transaction that balances the number of units in an earlier open position. 

Closing a Position

The process of buying or selling a forex positions which results in the liquidation of the position.

Closing Market Rate

The rate in which a currency position can be closed based on the market behavior at the end of the day.


An asset given to secure a loan or as a guarantee of performance. 


It is pre-determined fee that a brokers charge for executing the transaction on behalf of the trader.


Written acceptance of a trade where important details are listed such as the size, date, commission, price of the transaction.

Consumer Price Index

It is an economic indicator, which records changes in the cost of living by calculating price differences in a common basket of services and goods that are used by general people such as food, transportation, clothing, education, entertainment.

Conversion Rate

It is the value of one currency, which is pegged for another currency.


A statistical term that indicate a relationship between two similar but independent entities. In forex, for example one can debate that the Australian currency and the euro have a higher correlation than some other currency pair.


The correlative party in a foreign exchange. In spot forex , the counterparty is the maker of the market.

The correlative party in a foreign exchange. In spot forex , the counterparty is

By integrity of geographical and political factors, some countries show more stability than the others do. Country risk is determined by measuring the stability and the worthiness of its bonds.

Cross Rate

The pegged or exchanged rate of the two currencies where neither of the currency are US dollar.

Currency Code

This refers to the specified currency code by ISO 4217.


It is money issued by the government of a particular country in form of paper money or coins. It is type of money that is used as entity of exchange within a country

Currency Pair

The two different currencies, which are paired against each other for the forex trading such as EUR/USD.

Currency Risk

The risk, which is associated with a particular currency

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