Glossary terms beginning with D

Day Order

A buying or selling order, which will expire immediately and automatically at the end of the trading day

A Day Trade

A trade, which is opened and closed on the same trading day. In it, the new trade is automatically renewed at 22:00(GMT).

Day Trader

A trader whose sole intention is to make profit from the short-term price movement that takes place within the same day.

Deal Blotter

It is a detailed list of all the transactions, which occur in a trading day

Deal Date

The date in which a transaction is entered.

Deal Ticket

It is a record of the major and minor details of a transaction that a dealer maintains, as against to the statement that customer receives.


A firm or an individual, which buys and sells assets from their own profile thereby, behaving as a main or correlative to a transaction.

Dealing Desk

refers to the place where dealers determine prices and executes the trade


Term used for any kind of infringement of the contract.


It is an economic term when the balance of payments is negative.


A continuous decline in the price of goods and service of a country. It signifies the contradictory of the inflation.


It refers to the continuous devaluation of a particular currency or when the price of a currency keeps falling at a continuous pace.

Depth of Market

The amount of buying and selling orders waiting to be executed for a particular currency pair at a given point of time.


A financial contract whose value keeps changing in correlation to an underlying financial instrument or security.


It refer to the necessary information to facilitate a trading such as time, date, currency pair, quantity


It is a state when a government agrees to devalue its currency in relation to another country’s currency.

Dirty Float

It is a policy where the exchange rate of a currency is allowed to fluctuate, but the central bank has full authorization to intervene anytime

Discount Spread

It refer to the situation where the bid rate of a forward spread rate is lower than the ask price.

Discretionary Account

It is an account where a customer permits the trading institutions to make transaction on his or her behalf.

Dollar Rate

It is the amount of foreign currency, which is quoted against one USD.  

Domestic Rates

It is the interest rate that a trader needs to deposit in order to borrow or deposit a particular foreign currency.


The term used by traders to signify that a contract has been conducted upon


 A drawdown is measured from the time a retrenchment begins to when a new high is reached. 

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