Glossary terms beginning with E


It signifies either a minor price decline in a currency or when a central bank interprets in monetary policy to stimulant spending. An example of central bank easing can be reducing interest rates.

ECN Broker

Forex ECN brokers have accessibility to an electronic trading platform, which is beamed with live quotes from the eminent bank in the globe. By executing via ECN broker, a forex trader normally benefits from larger price transparency, increased liquidity, faster processing and more presence in the marketplace.

Economic Indicator

A statistical too that is used to study the current economic behavior of the market.

Effective Exchange Rate

It is a vivid explanation of a country’s weakness or strength on its trade parity.

Electronic Communication Network

It is a pre structured automated system that matches sell and order orders for securities. An ECN links major individual traders and brokers so that they can carry trade directly between themselves instead, of going via an intermediary. The ECN makes profit by charging an amount for each transaction. ECNs have made it possible for investors in different global locations to quickly and easily trade with each other. 

Elliot Wave Principle

It is a system, which aims to explain market actions by imputing a format of eight waves to any complete cycle. The eight-wave format subsists of a 5-phase advance and 3 phase correction.

End of Day Mark to Market

It is the monetary worth of all open positions in DBB (dealer’s book) based on the closing market price. Besides this, it also record profit and loss. 

Entity Trading Account

A trading account that does not correlate to an individual rather to an organization or company that has assigned an individual to be held responsible for its trading decision.


A stock or any other security representing an ownership interest.


It is the difference between the amount of total liability and total asset. It is also called net worth. 

Equity Curve

It is the correlation of a trading account that is graphed over a span of time.

Escrow Account

An isolated trading account where trader money is kept aside from a dealer-operating fund.

Euro Interbank Offered Rate or Equibor

is regular reference rate that is based on the standard interest rates at which financial institutions offer to grant unsecured capital to other financial institutions in the Euro wholesale money market.


A currency that is put aside in a bank or any other financial institutions, which is located outside the currency’s country inception.


USD deposited in a bank, which is outside of the United States of America (USA)

European Monetary System

It is a policy of the 1970s and 1980s where many European countries collectively linked their currencies to each other in order to prevent large fluctuations in currency value. This policy was aimed at preventing the European currencies form rapid fluctuations.

Excess Margin Deposits

Deposited amount in a trading account, which is above the requirement of margin fund.


The physical place where financial trading activities are conducted. Some famous examples are the New York Stock Exchange or the London stock Exchange.

Exchange Control

The Various tools, which a central bank uses for governing the movement of forex so as not to deplete a country's reserves.

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate, which is also known as foreign-exchange rate, FX rate or forex rate is the exchange rate between two prevailing currencies. This signifies that how much one particular currency is valuable in terms of the other currency.


It is the undertaking of a trade


Exotics are the rare traded currencies as contradictory to the major traded currencies.

Expiration Date

It is the specified date when no longer a financial instrument is valid or legal

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