Glossary terms beginning with H


The whole dollar price, or stem, of a quote.

This term is usually used in the foreign currency and money markets. For example, a foreign currency trading at 75.25 and a money market security trading at 75.75 both have handles of 75. Traders usually do not include the handles when quoting prices because it is assumed that involved traders already know them


An economic policy advisor who has a negative view toward inflation and its effects on society. Also known as "inflation hawk"


A position or combination of positions that reduces the risk of your primary position

Hit the Bid

A buzzword used to describe an event where a broker agrees to sell at a bid price quoted by another broker. The broker is ultimately agreeing to sell a given stock at the highest price that another broker is willing to buy at.
For example, suppose a dealer is asking $20 for a particular security and another dealer's bid price for that same security is $19. If the dealer selling the security for $20 agrees to sell at the other dealer's bid price of $19, they are said to "hit the bid"

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