Account Opening FAQs

What documents do you require to open an account?

Document requirements depend on the country you are based. For UK and other EEA countries the minimum requirement is one proof of ID and one proof of address (dated within the past three months). For other countries we will request additional documents, with some requiring certification.

What do you accept as a proof of ID?

A proof of ID can be a valid ID card, passport, driving licence. We might accept other proofs of identify if these provide us with all the necessary identify information.

What do you accept as a proof of address?

A proof of address is only accepted if it’s dated within the last three month. Proof of address documents accepted are:

A bank statement
A credit card or debit card statement (but not ones printed off the internet)
A utilitybill such as electricity, gas, water and landline telephone bill (but not ones printed off the internet)
A council tax letter or statement
For some jurisdictions these documents will need to be certified.

Why do I need to certify my documents?

We request documents to be certified to cover our regulatory requirements.

Who can certify my documents?

Documents can be certified by: a lawyer, accountant or Notary Public. The certification must state “I certified that this is a true copy of…” and providing together with the contact details of the entity certifying the documents. These must be: full name, registered address and telephone number.

What if I want to open another account?

Yes you can. Just login in to our website and on the dashboard you will have the option to open an additionalaccount. Please note that you will not need to complete the full application form again.

Is it possible to open a joint account?

Yes, it is. To apply for a joint account, please complete an offline joint account application form. Once completed, please send a scanned copy together with your supporting documents to

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