Payment FAQs

What deposit methods are available to transfer funds to Tradenext?

We currently have a number of payment methods that can be used  to transfer funds into your TradeNext account. You can deposit online with your debit or credit card or use a regulated payment channel such as Skrill, in addition there are other regional wallets that can be used via a Skrill account.

Below are payment channels that we can offer via Skrill, here is a link to their logos, please add these logos onto the website both front eg payment faq and back eg the dashboard

  1.  GiroPay (  An online bank transfer system available in Germany, has a reach of about 17 million German online banking customers.
    Giropay by Skrill
  2. SOFORT ( An online bank transfer option available in a number of countries with more than 12 million users. Skrill has it integrated for customers from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and the UK.
  3.   iDEAL( An e-commerce payment system used in the Netherlands, based on online banking. iDEAL processed 4.5 million transfers in 2006, 15 million transfers in 2007, 28 million transfers in 2008, 45.4 million in 2009, 68.8 million in 2010, 93.8 million in 2011 117.2 million in 2012 and 142,5 million in 2013. The most recognizable payment method for Dutch customers.
  4.  Przelewy24 ( An online bank transfer system in Poland. Works with most of the Polish banks. Same as iDeal, this is one of the most preferred payment methods in this country.
  5. EPS( The Online Bank Transfer System in Austria. Has more than 2 million users at the moment.
  6. Skrill Direct- This is the online bank transfer system developed by Skrill, an in-house build solutions allowing customers to pay by instant bank transfers. Currently available for customers in Italy, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Austria and Hungary.
  7. Trustly ( An online bank transfer system available in 8 countries, 57 banks and 67 million consumers. Skrill is currently integrated for Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland and Spain.
    Trustly logo
  8. an online wallet system available in Bulgaria. by Skrill
  9. POLi ( an online payment system that is used by merchants and consumers in Australia and New Zealand. Skrill has it currently integrated for Australian customers only.
  10. eNets( Online payment system available in Singapore. Works with 6 local banks.
  11.  Nordea SOLO - is a payment method for people in Sweden who are customers of the Nordea Bank and use Nordea's Netbank. Nordea is the leading financial services group in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region and is among the ten largest universal banks in Europe.
  12. EC- Electronic cash is the debit card system of the German Banking Industry Committee, the association which represents the top German financial interest groups.
  13. Maestro- A local debit card available for UK customers.
  14. Carte Blue- A local debit card available in France.
  15. Dankort- A local debit card available in Denmark.
  16. ​PostePay and Carta Si- local debit cards available in Italy.
How do I fund my account?

To fund your Tradenext account go to the Deposit Funds tab on the Dashboard

Payments can be sent in the following currencies:

  • Debit/credit card enter the details requested and submit; you will be taken to our secure payment site to complete your transaction.
  • Wire Transfer, select the appropriate currency – the bank details will be displayed; they are also listed below.

Payments can be sent in the following currencies:


To wire funds via Bank Transfer please refer to the banking instructions below:

Bank Name: NatWest Bank

Account Holding Branch: CITY OF LONDON OFFICE, Waterside Court, Chatham Maritime, Kent, ME4 4RT

Account name TRADENEXT LTD
Currency EUR
Sort Code 60-00-01
Account number 42200040
Bank Identifier Code NWBKGB2L
International Bank Account Number GB58 NWBK 6072 1442 2000 40


Account name TRADENEXT LTD
Currency USD
Sort Code 60-00-01
Account number 42200032
Bank Identifier Code NWBKGB2L
International Bank Account Number GB28 NWBK 6073 0142 2000 32


Account name TRADENEXT LTD
Currency GBP
Sort Code 60-00-01
Account number 45740178
Bank Identifier Code NWBKGB2L
International Bank Account Number GB47 NWBK 6000 0145 7401 78
How will my payment be allocated to my Tradenext account?

When depositing money via debit/credit card your funds are automatically added to your account on the required platform.

When depositing money via wire transfer please state your TradeNext account number and the trading account you wish to fund to ensure your funds are allocated promptly.

How long does it take for Tradenext to receive a Bank Transfer deposit?

Bank Transfer deposits are applied on working days during operational hours.

Can Tradenext credit funds based on Proof of Payment only?

We can only credit funds if we can see that the transfer has cleared in our bank account. We cannot credit funds on the strength of a receipt/proof of payment.

Can funds be transferred to Tradenext using a third party?

Tradenext go to great lengths to ensure that we are aware of who our clients are. Third party payments are not deemed acceptable as we do not know who the remitter of funds is. Funds should only be sent from the Tradenext account holder. Any 3rd party payment will be rejected and returned to remitter.

Do Tradenext accept payments from a joint account?

Yes, clients can fund their account from a joint account provided we can clearly see the account holders name in the payment receipt as the remitter. Sometimes payments are received where we can only see one of the two names. In circumstances like this we will ask to see a receipt for the transfer.

Why do we require a deposit receipt?

If the Tradenext account is funded for the first time via a bank transfer then we may request proof of funds to be emailed . We are happy to accept a screenshot of the transaction however this should clearly show us the following information.

Remitters name (must match Tradenext account)
Bank logo
Account details (IBAN/ Account Number, Sort code or BIC)
Dated transaction
We cannot accept receipts copied into word/email. The data can easily be manipulated and is not independent. We can only accept an official bank confirmation, screenshot or scanned statement/transcript.

How do I know that my funds are safe with Tradenext?

Tradenext is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority whose objectives include consumer protection (securing the appropriate degree of protection for consumers). FCA client money rules requires firms such as Tradenext to segregate the money that our retail clients deposit with us. Our firm takes steps to ensure that our client's money is held in a separate bank account from any accounts belonging to the firm. Your money will therefore be held by us on trust for you at all times and for this purpose, and in accordance with the requirements of the FCA Client Money Rules, it will be segregated from our own money. In the event of our insolvency, your money will be excluded from our assets. In the very unlikely event that Tradenext were to go into liquidation and there was to be a default in the client segregated funds bank account, eligible clients are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme for up to £50,000 per client.

How can funds be withdrawn from my Tradenext account?

Funds can be withdrawn via Bank Transfer or SafeCharge depending on what payment method was used to fund. All withdrawals will be returned to source.

Why do funds need to be returned to source?

It is a Payments and Anti Money Laundering requirement that withdrawn funds are sent back to their original source. While it may not always be possible to return the exact amount to each payment source we must see reasonable attempts are being made to use the same payment method from which the original funds were sent. It is our responsibility to ensure that we are actively encouraging our clients to follow the correct procedures.

Will I be charged to withdraw funds from my Tradenext account?

Bank Transfer deposits are free for UK clients. For international payments there is a bank transfer charge. Our bank charges us for the transfer which is relayed to the Client. This charge is deducted from the overall amount we remit.

Can a Bank Transfer be processed if I have open positions?

Funds can be withdrawn provided that the balance remaining in the account is above the current margin requirement on open positions.

How long will it take to receive a bank transfer withdrawal?

The overall processing time is dependent on the client’s bank. We must receive a payment instruction by 1pm UK time in order to process the transfer on the same day. Any withdrawal requests received after 1pm will be processed the following working day. Please find a guideline below:

WITHDRAWALS Earliest Processing Time Latest Processing Time
Urgent Bank Transfer (CHAPS/SWIFT) Same day Next working day
Bank Transfer - Standard (BACS) 2 working days 3 working days
Bank Transfer International - (Faster Pay) Same Day 3-5 working days
Bank Transfer International 1-3 working days 3-5 working days

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