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Online trading is made easy at TradeNext. A range of different platforms with their own character, style and functionality have been designed with different traders in mind.

The commodities markets can be grouped into four broad categories - precious metals, agriculture, energy and softs.

A commodity Contract for Difference (CFD) is a form of derivative that provides investors a great way to speculate on the upward or downward price movement of an underlying asset, gaining exposure without the need of physical ownership.

CFDs mirror the price movements of popular traded products, usually futures contracts, and allow investors the opportunity to capitalize on potential market trends. Traders benefit from the performance of the respective commodity with all CFD’s cash settled: as you are only trading on the changing price of the contract.

Numerous factors can have an impact on commodity prices, but one of the most influential is supply and demand.

CFDs can be used to hedge or diversify an existing portfolio with commodities without the large collateral requirements and lot sizes associated with Futures trading. In addition, no commission or trading fees, with the cost embedded in the spread make them attractive.

Gold, silver and crude oil are among the most popular commodities for CFD trading.

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